The top 10 companies to work for in India and America : LinkedIn 2017

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Saturday, June 3, 2017

The top 10 companies to work for in India and America : LinkedIn 2017

LinkedIn Top Companies List ( The top 10 companies to work for in India and America ) Shows That People Really Want to Work at Google over the other American companies and Flipkart over the other Indian companies. The list is prepared after billions of actions taken by millions of LinkedIn members and mostly were Job-seekers and that's why its named as ACTION OF USERS. To make this list unbiased and more like a boost for startups they exclude Microsoft and themselves from the List of LinkedIn 2017. All the companies from the list knows how to attract qualified, talented professionals and how to keep them for long but each company has different policy and different strategy to crack down this formula.

The top 10 companies to work for in India and America
List made by LinkedIn

Three most important ranking factors:

During the preparation of this list of top companies to work in India and America, LinkedIn considered three main factors, these are as follows:-
  • Number of views and number of applicants for any job posting featured on LinkedIn 
  • How many people are asking to connect with a company's employees? How many people are scrolling their website's job recruitment section? and company's engagement.
  • How many employees staying at their job for more than a year?

Note: This analysis was only run on big companies with over 500 employees.

"The top 10 companies to work for in India and America" are :- 

Read on for the top 3 companies in India:-

Flipkart at first position in LinkedIn list


Bangalore based electronic commerce company has been ranked at the top of the list. This is consecutively second time, Flipkart is leading this list despite several challenges. During the 10 years of services Flipkart has taken some big steps including acquiring Ebay India and now they are planning to hire 3000 workers in this Year... Flipkart also gives a career break option to their employees after 2 years of employment.


Amazon at second position in LinkedIn indian listAmazon a company, which has more than 10,000 employees, secured the 2nd place for the second time. Amazon is known in Ecommerce business for its innovative ideas starting from AMAZON GO Stores ( Store without any checkout point ) and now with a new idea of Delivery through Drones. After Amazon made 2nd place on this list, Jeff Bezos ( CEO of Amazon ) also shared his future plans and confirmed that Amazon will keep investing in Indian Market. Amazon not only cares his employees but also their priorities and to fulfill that, Amazon's corporate headquarter allows dogs in their offices and even provide them an on-site dog park and free treats.

3) KPMG India  

Kpmg at third position in LinkedIn indian list
KPMG has over 2700 client companies around the world and providing financial & business advisory, tax & regulatory and audit services. This company has around 189,000 employees globally and has 12 offices only in India. Currently the company is investing in Solar energy projects in India. KPMG has been awarded the ‘Best Transfer Pricing Firm of 2017’, by the International Tax Review (ITR) at the recent Euromoney International Tax Review Asia Tax Awards 2017. 

And here are the 4th and 5th of the top companies in India, according to LinkedIn:

4) One97 Communications ( Paytm )
5) Ola

Read on for the top 3 companies in America:-


Alphabet at first position in LinkedIn american listIt is an American multinational conglomerate and Google's parent company officially
founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Company's headquarter is located in California. Alphabet is a very famous restructured company not just because it is linked directly with Google, but also because of its goal which was set by officials back in 2012 to use 100 percent renewable energy for its operations and they are all set to achieve that goal in this year. Alphabet has also been in news for one of its major project of Autonomous vehicle technology ( Self Driving Cars ) which has been developing for a decade by Alphabet's Waymo.


Amazon at second position in LinkedIn american listAmazon is an American electronic commerce that was founded by Jeff Bezos. Its the worlds largest Ecommerce-retailer by total sales. People do look for a job at Amazon in America and they like their job too, its as same as the way people likes Amazon company in India, and that's why Amazon won 3 Oscars for its programming just in one year. And according to Amazon officials, they are planning to hire 100,000 new employees over the next few months. Their policies which makes a huge difference between Amazon and other companies are like, in Amazon Dogs are welcome at their office premises and they provide LEAVE SHARE which offers six weeks of paid leave with a spouse or a partner.


Faacebook at third position in LinkedIn american list
Facebook doesn't need any introduction. The California based company, the brand, the fastest growing social media platform has 1.94 billion active monthly users. The company was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and was launched on Feb 4, 2004. Its empire is massive, the scale of experiments is too big and that is why they keep hunting new talent for their business, most demanded jobs at Facebook are Software engineer, data analytics and marketing. Globally, Facebook has 17,000 employees. Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger are the three main subsidiaries of Facebook. 
And here are the 4th and 5th of the top companies in America, according to LinkedIn:

4) Salesforce
5) Uber

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