April 2017

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Russian Police shoot dead two suspected IS-trained militants

Russian police on Friday (April 21,2017) shot dead two suspected IS-trained militants in the Stavropol region around 750 miles away from the Capital Moscow- reported by Russian News Agencies.

As per news reports two suspected were active members of Islamic State (IS) and one of them was the leader of Sleeper cell who was trained in Daesh military camp.
Russian Police shoot dead two suspected IS-trained militants
2 Suspected IS Adherents Killed in Russia

In the reports, according to Russia's National Anti-terrorist Committee (NAC) :

"The suspected were planning to carry out attacks as they did on St. Petersburg metro and killed 16 people. But this time as they started opened fire from the car when cops tried to stop their car, but then cops immediately retaliated and eliminated both the criminals.The Officers reportedly recovered bomb making components from the same automobile"
Stavropol is adjacent to several majority-Muslim republics, and that's why it is very high-alert area for Russian forces.

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Friday, April 14, 2017

Top 3 latest cases by Income Tax department of India

demonetization effect

Since the day when demonetization first introduced by PM Modi, we are getting back to back revelation news by Income Tax department of India. 

I-T department now conducts several raids and reveals many shocking outcomes on a daily basis and below are the "Top 3 latest cases by Income Tax department of India".

Top 3 latest cases by I-T India are:-

1) Tea-seller-turned-financier exposed after having wealth worth Rs. 250 crore:-

In the early days of implementing Demonetization, Income Tax department has found a suspicious Surat-based financier KISHORE BHAJIAWALA who tried to hide his 1.5 crore of unaccounted money in his bank accounts and in further investigation at his home, offices and bank lockers it has been found that the financier had used around 700 persons for depositing and withdrawing money.
He had 16 different bank lockers in the name of his family members and himself and out of those 8 have been found with 180 kg silver, Rs 2.5 crore worth of gold and diamond jewelry, New Currency of Rs 1.08 crore, Rs 23 Lakh in old currency, Rs 5 Lakh to Rs 5 to Rs. 20 Notes, Rs  4.50 Lakh worth of Kisan Vikas Patra and around 200 property documents, Agreement copies and 27 Bank Account details and after a lot investigation "The total value of the assets seized from the financier was Rs 10.50 crore," I-T sources had said. This was the biggest case from the Top 3 latest cases by Income Tax.

2) Rs. 20 crore bank transaction done by Jodhpur driver:- 

As per Hindustan Times, The driver Narpat Lal aka Naresh Joshi has got a notice from I-T and been asked to explain Rs. 20 Crore transaction made through his account over the last one year they further asked to explain the deposit of Rs. 49 Lakh made during the Demonetization period.
As per reports after getting notice from I-T and suspecting that his employer might be using Bank account in his name, Naresh has filed a fraud and cheating complaint against his employer ADITYA LODHA under whom he has been working since last 20 years and he also mentioned in his complaint that the employer has asked his Identity documents and Pan card.
The Sardarpur police have been investigating this case and have found many positive leads. 

3) A Tea-seller paid Rs 1.5 crore in dowry for six daughters:-

This is first time we have seen when I-T department is stepping out and taking action just after watching a viral video on social media ( Video Credit goes to RNews1 ),  here we can clearly see that the Leela Ram Gujjar, a tea stall owner from Rajasthan, allegedly distributing dowry money on his daughter's wedding.
The marriage of his 6 daughters was held on 5th Jan. Four out of Six of his daughters were minors. As per law, he has breached two laws, one is dowry law and the second one is allegedly getting four minors married.
Although Gujjar has also got the notice from Income Tax department to explain the source of his earnings and the officials also assured he will be questioned after that if he filed his returns or not and if he was using unaccounted money as a dowry then a tax process deduction would be initiated.
After this incident, the Gujjar and family are missing, but the police are continuously looking for them and asking their relatives to appear at the police station for further investigation.
Because of multi-law breaches, this news has got the number 3rd place here in top 3 latest cases by income tax department of India.

In an attempt to stop the flow of black money and black money holders, Modi cabinet has taken many big steps including demonetization, on the other hand, Income Tax has been doing tireless work by scanning millions of accounts.

As an Aam aadmi, what do you guys think about the Top 3 latest cases by Income Tax department of India, would it change our INDIAN mentality to see the second side of Indian politics or not😕 

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