February 2017

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Download Youtube Videos | Youtube Go is an official video downloader

Download Youtube Videos | Youtube Go an official video downloader

Youtube Go

Finally, after the announcement made back in September 2016, now Google has launched its promised YouTube Go, it's an official Video downloader and started its journey from India for low-Bandwidth customers first. Now everyone can Preview, Watch, Share and Download Youtube Videos even this App allows its user to download the videos in different qualities according to our phone's memory, available Internet data.Not only this but we can also watch our downloaded Videos later in Offline Mode.

Basically, the idea behind this creation is to let the users enjoy Youtube videos even when they have a poor internet connection. According to Johanna Wright (Vice President of Product Management, YouTube) he met a young guy in Nagpur during his India visit and the guy faced such situation when he was trying to see a YouTube Video and the video just wouldn’t load that's why Johanna Wright decided to build something new which can help a country like India where most of the users are still using 2G Network or they can't afford Expensive data plans.

So, after collecting ideas and testing different types of models with hundreds of people in India, YouTube and its Team has built a  new Youtube Go App. It's faster, cost-effective and has light weight. The most important part of this app is that we don't need an extra app from now, as the Youtube Go is an official video downloader, With this app people, can make better decisions on what they want to download or what they want to preview.

Youtube Go an official video downloader

Youtube Go an official video downloader

Youtube Officials said- We’re thrilled to bring YouTube Go to India … ab Mazze udao, data nahin!

Highlights from YouTube Go’s App:

1) Preview enabled- This app gives us an amazing feature to preview any video content before we watch further, it can save our Internet data pack.

2) Download option- We can even download any video and watch it later, it gives us options like BASIC QUALITY and STANDARD QUALITY at the time of downloading to choose from. 

3) Offline Mode- We can play our downloaded videos later in offline mode without spending extra data or buffering.

4) Instant Share- In YouTube Go app we have one more important option to share any video instantly with friends and family through Bluetooth, it means we don't need the Internet either to share our Videos.

5) Lightweight Android App- It requires only 8.5MB space and runs on v4.1 Jellybean or higher version.

If you want to download Youtube Videos then click here  to get this Youtube Go App, Currently it is listed as UNRELEASED app because it is not yet fully completed but still you can download and use this app (download at your own risk) soon you will get a complete RELEASED version from the same link or you can also signup on Youtube Go's website to get informed when the full version is available on market, click here if you want to signup.

Please leave your Feedback/Review in the comment section if you have started using this app, and let everyone know, how was your first experience.
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