Send your name to the Moon: Mission Chandaryaan-2

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Send your name to the Moon: Mission Chandaryaan-2

Pay Rs. 500 and send your name to the Moon

Send your name to the Moon: Mission Chandaryaan-2
Send your name to the Moon: Mission Chandaryaan-2

The Bengaluru-based startup TeamIndus which is providing us a golden chance to get their name engraved/written on Moon. What’s hanging is so much the startup is asking a small amount of Rs 500 and send your name to the Moon to put over the lunar surface.

TeamIndus has taken this step in order to produce additional income to support their mission. According to the reports, names of donors will be written on a small-sized aluminum plate and this nameplate will then be put on the surface of the Moon. Click here to send your name to the Moon.

Send your name to the Moon: Mission Chandaryaan-2
Send your name to the Moon: Mission Chandaryaan-2

In this whole project, The First step would be to land the Rover on the Moon surface and to implement this TeamIndus will use ISRO's Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) as TeamIndus and ISRO have signed a contract and then the rover will travel around 500m on the Lunar body and take some HD images and video clips which all will be sent back to the Earth.

The main purpose of this mission is to create a Blueprint or a path for the Second step which is Mission Chandrayaan-2, but the succession of the first step will decide the future of the Chandrayaan-2 mission.

TeamIndus and their Statements:

Julius Amrit (Co-founder and Director, TeamIndus)- “The total expense of the project is about USD 60 million and we have raised USD 15 million so far. We will have to raise the remaining amount by September-October next year,” He also added “We can be profitable in this mission. We are making a fair amount of money but investing more than what we are making right now,”.

Dhruv Batra (Program Lead at TeamIndus)- “India as a country is underestimated when it comes down to having a technology led firm, It is time, India is seen from a different perspective on the global platform,”.

Sheelika Ravishankar, Jedi Master (Marketing and Outreach of TeamIndus)- "The plan is part of a crowd-funding effort. It is an effort to make people aware about their ancestors, whenever people will start traveling to the moon".

Including TeamIndus some of the Famous identities like Ratan Tata(Tata Group), Sachin and Binny Bansal(Co-Founders of Flipkart) and Nandan Nilekani ( Co-Founder of Infosys Ltd) have also put their resources into this Project.
Send your name to the Moon: Mission Chandaryaan-2

The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle will be launch on Dec 28, 2017, it will 2nd project to the moon by ISRO after the grand success of Chandrayaan-1 mission which took place in the year 2008.

Here we must also mention that The National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA) started sending astronauts to the moon with Apollo missions starting in 1969 and last mission was Apollo 17.

TeamIndus is the only team from India to qualify for the Google Lunar X Prize and then they won $1 million and now to fulfill the requirements of this Private moon mission, all aspects of the mission is being finished by the TeamIndus with the exception of the launching of PSLV which will be done with the help of ISRO. The PSLV rocket will lift the spacecraft into an orbit 800km x 70,000km around the Earth then From that point, the spacecraft will take an additional 21 days to arrive on Moon. But Chandrayaan-2 Mission is still in early stages and as there is no official announcement has been made by the ISRO so far. But after the official confirmation from TeamIndus now it seems we are going to hear something from ISRO very soon.

As a Common man, what do you guys think will you support this mission ("Send your name to the Moon: Mission Chandrayaan-2") or not ? 😕 

Please leave your Feedback in the comment section and let everyone know what we as a Common Man think.


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